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C.V.             Dr. Valentina Pasquantonio 

education/ work history/ partial speaking history, partial  list  of awards, partial list of memberships

 Boston University College of Arts and Science, BA in Psychology

​Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine, DDS

While in dental school was employed as a part-time lecturer at the Cleveland Science Museum.

Summers while in dental school worked doing research in psychology for the US Army

​Upon graduation from dental school took four years to do associateships with practicing dentists and concurrently

was a dentist instructor of pharmacology and radiology at Middlesex Community College's Dental Hygiene Program 

Started solo, private, restorative, general dental practice. Followed by many wonderful years of serving her patients as a clinician.  Keeping up with continuing education and giving the best for those she served.

Retiring from the clinical practice of dentistry at a preordained "magic age"

CEO and chief Consultant, Oral Health Posse for Consumers, LLC (formally Dental POSSE, LLC)  02-22-2016 to present

High School: won speaking contest that sent her to the Untied Nation's Pilgrimage for Youth.  Spoke at various civic organizations about the UN upon return.  President of the National Honor Society (has been speaking before international civic groups since age 16)

Boston University:  Recipient of Scarlet Key, Head of all University Orientation in senior year, multi-year member of student council.(loves government and both in college and later as a dentist has been involved in governing bodies)

​Case Western Reserve University: Block Dental Award at graduation, and award for research in pedodontics/psychcology

Lifetime member of the American Dental Association, Emeritus member  and Fellow of Academy of General Dentistry  Has guest lectured at 3 dental schools and the Yankee Dental Congress. 

​Was on the Massachusetts Dental Society's Council on Dental Benefits for 16 years as a consultant ​​interfacing with government and insurance companies.


For each of the last 13 years of  clinical practice, was voted one of the top dentists in the U.S.( her criteria: interest in prevention of disease, continued learning, and effective,scientifically based treatment) and has continued to be voted a top dentist in 2017, 2018, and 2019  

past member and frequent guest : Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce

Member:  League of Women Voters. (on Legislation Action Committee/ healthcare)

Member: Mill and Main Toastmasters (V.P. of Public Relations)



    Why the OHP4C is necessary

  • Consumers need an independent, expert voice to answer ​oral health questions
  • Consumers need an unbiased voice to lobby for their oral health needs.
  • Consumers have no independent resources available to evaluate oral health products, procedures, or dental benefit plans.
  • Dental societies and dentists who accept payment from dental benefit plans are precluded by law from speaking out or advising on dental benefit plans and contracts.

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   Working only for the CONSUMER.

   Helping Consumers make financially sound, educated choices regarding  oral health  purchases.

    #1 GOAL:

 Helping consumers achieve ​and maintain oral health   

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       education, advocacy, consultation 


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 5.  Headaches

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     Oral Health Posse for Consumers, LLC (OHP4C)

​   started by a dentist retired from clinical practice.

After spending 45 years treating patients, on her retirement from clinical practice Dr. Valentina Pasquantonio began this consulting firm to help consumers make wise, financially sound, oral health choices.

Choices that give true benefits while always being grounded in sound, scientifically based ORAL HEALTH 

​Dr. Pasquantonio is a licensed dentist, was a consultant on the Massachusetts Dental Society's Dental Benefits Council for over 15 years, and has Fellowship status in the Academy of General Dentistry. (See C.V. on this page.)