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​          (a non-biased Consumer Oral Health LLC)

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  • education for consumers to increase Oral Health
  • articles, lectures, and oral health clinics for consumers and consumer groups (*)

  • non-biased, consumer advocacy consultation for state and federal governments to protect consumer's right to oral health and decrease expensive medical consequences precipitated by poor oral health.(**)

  • ​​education for Consumers/ Employees or Employer regarding oral health/dental benefit plans​:
  •   1. how to formulate appropriate questions for long term evaluation of benefit contracts from the consumer's    perspective
  • ​  2. help employees and consumers get information about insurance companies' profits
  •   3. Independent evaluation of  benefit products
  •   4. How consumers can effectively use oral health/dental benefit plans

  • Alternative to oral health/dental benefit plans/products that may be more cost effective for the consumer

  • Lobbying for changes in laws that impede cost effective Consumer Oral Health.

  • Available to journalists and authors to answer consumer oral (and dental) health questions. (***)  

  • your questions about ORAL (and dental) HEALTH answered...by an independent NON-BIASED expert (who also understands benefit plans)

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Services Provided by Oral Health POSSE for Consumers, LLC:

* Articles: see this website

 * Lectures: email: info@ohp4c.com   To set up where, when, topic, and fees.

        Guest lectures for continuing education and/or college and universities courses. Event speaker for your local consumer group, chamber of commerce, rotary, et cetera

 * Oral Health Clinics: email: info@ohp4c.com  To discuss and plan. These need financial sponsorship by an organization- PLEASE! NOT an insurance company or dental products company.

** Legislators and Lobbyists: email: dr.val@ohp4c.com  To set up a time to talk OR  To subscribe to the OHP4C email updates on current legislative ORAL HEALTH needs.

​***Journalists: contact Dr. Pasquantonio via  dr.val@ohp4c.com  Leave your contact information. She will get back to you in a timely manner.