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  •   3. Independent evaluation of  benefit products
  •   4. How consumers can effectively use oral health/dental benefit plans

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  • your questions about ORAL (and dental) HEALTH an independent NON-BIASED expert (who also understands benefit plans)

They were at it again last night! (6/29/2018). This time about mouthwash. Fred wants some more of that free alcohol based listerine as it gives him a nice buzz. Dr Val said "NO! it drys out the mouth". Fred reminded her that he lives in a pond. She said that she didn't care. No friend of her's was going to destroy his oral tissue using an alcohol based mouthwash. PLUS it is not good to get drunk on mouthwash.  He told her he graduated from frog high school and he could do whatever he wanted. She argued that as a professional it was her duty to help protect the oral health of all creatures, ever pig-headed frog...well it just went on and on. These two just like to argue!

(Note: most alcohol based mouthwashes have a much  higher content of alcohol than wine or beer or even cognac)


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